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Marcon Custom Metals Inc.
was established in 1963 with a modest mission to undertake small repairs and eaves trough work.

However, not a single eaves trough was made!
The market spoke very strongly and Marcon responded. By 1977, the plant had expanded to 45,000 square feet with 16x16 foot doors and large capacity cranes.

Today, Marcon has 2 facilities with over 70, 000 square feet of manufacturing area , 10 acres of secure yard space, rail siding, and sufficient handling equipment.

Marcon remains a family business and continues to fund their own apprenticeship program to ensure themselves and their clients of skilled personnel schooled in the Marcon method.

Marcon's tradesmen/fitters are therefore among the most skilled and versatile in the industry today; that is the strength that carries Marcon forward.


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